Piemonte Chardonnay


Wine obtained from a carefully sorting of best bunches, manual processing which enables to achieve a very full-bodied Chardonnay intense in fragrances  but at the same time extremely fine. Slightly  effervescent.


Chardonnay, french grape variety, arrived in Piedmont during the first half of the 800. The propitious climate, cool and windy, fine and suited hilly exposures, have contributed to its success, so that now together with the autochthonous Arneis and Favorita, is among the most grown white berry grapes.



  • Type: White
  • Production area: San Damiano d’Asti
  • Grape variety: Chardonnay 100%
  • Exposure: South
  • Vinification: Stainless -steel  controlled temperature
  • Alcohol by volume: 13%
  • Ageing: Not provided
  • Colour: Straw- yellow clear colour with  greenish reflections
  • Bouquet: Elegant fine fragrance, floral and fruity, evolving to almond- flavoured
  • Taste: Slightly sweet and tart at the same time, softly sparkling
  • Parings: Sublime as an aperitif for its freshness and livelyness, suitable to accompany appetizers and light first courses, with fish and white meat
  • Serving temperature: 8 – 10°
  • Bottle sizes/liter: Bordolese Europea  0,75 lt

Received Awards

  • Douja d’Or 2014
  • Vininvilla 2015 – Vininvilla 2016  –  Vininvilla 2017 – Vininvilla 2018